Zero Waste Oral Care Starter Kit


Bamboo Toothbrush and Organic Cotton pouch are handmade in Taiwan

Organic solid toothpaste is handmade in Malaysia



This Oral Care Starter kit contains 1 bamboo toothbrush 100% biodegradable (normal or slim), 1 Organic Solid toothpaste with its box (mint or charcoal-lemon or neutral) and 1 Organic Cotton pouch to carry the toothbrush.


Additional information

Weight 65 g
Bamboo toothbrush

Normal bamboo toothbrush, Slim Bamboo toothbrush

Organic Solid Toothpaste

Mint toothpaste, Charcoal-Lemon toothpaste, Neutral toothpaste

Organic Cotton Pouch

Organic Cotton Pouch