Bamboo Ear Cleaner or Mimikaki


Made of Bamboo

100% Biodegradable

Length 18cm

Made in Taiwan


Originated in Asia, Moso bamboo is a commercial species (not eating by Panda). It can be harvested in three years. Compared with the longer growth period of wood, bamboo has a relatively smaller environmental impact. Moso bamboo used by Feel Good grows in Bamboo Hill/Chushan in Taiwan, an eco township in Taiwan, where the best quality bamboo crafts are made.

Ancestral method coming from Japan, Mimikaki is the best tool to remove extra wax from ears and avoid the formation of ear wax plug. It can also be used on kids during quiet time.

One mimikaki replaces all the cotton buds throwing away and not advised for ears. Say no to cotton buds! More info here

This product comes packaging-free.


  • Answers to Zero Waste objectives, no more excuse yeah!
  • Safe for your ears
  • Totally plastic-free 😉
  • Sustainability : Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth. Because it contains naturally-occurring antimicrobial agents, there is no need for using fertilizers or pesticides during its cultivation. Bamboo has a low carbon footprint

How to use

Thanks to its curved form, you just need to place it at the entrance of the ear and turn it gently to take extra wax. Clean it with a bit of water and finger, then dry it with a towel to keep it longer. It can be used for kids too, during quiet time.

This mimikaki is made of 100% bamboo which is compostable.

Additional information

Weight 2 g