Organic Pads – Full Cycle Kit (10 per pack)


All that’s needed for a full monthly cycle. It is a great way of discovering the world of washable cloth pads, with a set of different pads to adapt to one’s flow. It can also make a great gift to welcome girls into adulthood, or for friends to switch to greener periods!

Includes: 3 Organic Pantyliners with PUL, 2 Organic Day Pads, 2 Organic Day Pad Plus pads, 2 Organic Night Pads, 1 Carry Pouch.

Made in India

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Buying the kit will save you 15 %.

With every Kit purchase, you gift 7 Eco Femme pads to Indian girls through our Pad for Pad program.
Pad for Pad connects Eco Femme customers and adolescent girls in India through the shared experience of menstruation, respect for our bodies, and love for the earth. When women and girls around the world choose to use Eco Femme cloth pads their purchase ensures that other girls, who might not otherwise be able to, get access to clean, alternative menstrual products and answers to their questions. It’s what we like to call ‘eco-sisterhood’.


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Weight 328 g