Wooden Toothbrush with Horsehair


Handle is made of Maple wooden

Bristles are made of Horsehair

100% Biodegradable

Handmade in Taiwan



An 100% natural and fully biodegradable toothbrush.

Try it with its smooth handle (no moldy) and soft bristles, you won’t get back either to plastic or bamboo/nylon toothbrushes 😉

SGS Certified


Brush area ≒ 10mm*22mm (±1%)
Length ≒ 164mm (±1%)
Width ≒ 11mm (±1%)
Handle thickness ≒ 4.5mm (±1%)


Brush area ≒ 10mm*26mm (±1%)
Length ≒ 164mm (±1%)
Width ≒ 11mm (±1%)
Handle thickness ≒ 4.5mm (±1%)
* M size has larger brush range, suitable for bigger tooth, and who prefers harder brushing feeling. *


  • Answers to Zero Waste objectives, no more excuse yeah! Even the bristles are biodegradable with no controversy about the Nylon bristles.
  • Plastic-free 😉

How to maintain?

    • Sterilize the bristle by soaking it in hot water (80-100°C) for 5 minutes before initial use.


    • Clean the bristle with water each time after using.


    • Dry the toothbrush, including the bristle, best with a towel (your bath towel will do); do not let too much water remain on the toothbrush.


    • Lay the toothbrush flat on top of a cup with the bristle down.


When to change to a new toothbrush?

Unlike plastic toothbrushes, wooden toothbrush is built to last. We recommend that you change your toothbrush when it is clearly frayed; or, use it as long as possible.

Paper packaging

In case your order contains one of our organic cotton pouch, the toothbrush will be placed inside

All our toothbrushes are entirely biodegradable (handle and bristles).

After use, place your toothbrush in compost.

Additional information

Weight 13 g
Head size

Small, Medium