100% Raw unbleached loofah available in 2 sizes.

Replaces microbeads and plastic sponges.

Ideal in your bathroom and your kitchen.

Origin : India

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Get one piece of loofah package free and use it for your body, as a skin exfoliator (no need of microbeads!) or to wash your dish (it replaces plastic sponges).

Once received, cut it with the size you want. Rinse and then ready to use.

It’s another all in one product you will love it!

NB: you might find seeds inside the loofah as it has not been treated, if you find it just remove them before use. You can easily regrow loofah plant at home thanks to those seeds 😉

100% Natural Unbleached Loofah

Cut the loofah with the size you want.

For the body, you just need to rub a piece of loofah on a soap and then exfoliate your skin.

For the dish, the piece of loofah cut replaces your plastic sponge so you can hand-wash your dish easily.

After use, rinse it and let it dry by hang it.

Additional information

Weight 30 g

17-22cm, 23-28cm

100% compostable and biodegradable