Indian Powders


Find the right indian powder for your hair and start washing them without any shampoo!

Natural, biodegradable and healthier;-)

Kraft paper bag of 50g

Made in India



Women all around the world used to wash their hair with powders before liquid shampoo appears.

In some places (India, Morocco..) it’s still the case and this way of washing hair comes back now in our modern societies via the ‘No Poo’ method.

Thanks to the Nature, each powder has its own benefit and combining them is really great for hair. It’s not about just washing hair, it’s about giving them nutrients they need.

What powder for what type of hair?

Powder Benefit
Kapur Kachri Kapur kachri is a wild ginger extracted from plant’s root in India.

It makes hair healthy, thick, shiny and fragrant. Stimulates the roots and helps in the growth of hair.

Organic Brahmi Powder The Brahmi is a powder almost all in one! It tones, promotes hair growth, thickens and shines, soothes the scalp and is a good ally against dandruff.

It’s from India where the plant grows.

Organic Tulsi powder

Antidandruff and natural anti-bacterial, this powder protects and moisturizes the scalp.

It’s from India where the plant, similar to basil, grows.

Organic Neem leaves powder

It has purifying, insecticidal and regulating properties on the scalp. It’s effective against scalp affections like dandruff or psoriasis, dermatitis of the scalp. It protects against minor infections due to pollution.

It’s from India where the plant grows.

Organic Shikakai powder

Shikakai powder washes your hair and scalp smoothly, restores shine and strength to the hair, untangles and gives a silky touch to the hair.

It’s from India where the fruit grows.

Orange peel powder

It brings shine, softness and suppleness to the hair while perfuming them pleasantly.

It’s from India.

How to use it?

Add warm water on a small bowl and mix it with the selected powder(s) until it becomes a paste.

Apply on hair and leave 15/30mins. Rinse and voila 😉

Kraft paper bag of 50g


Additional information

Weight 50 g

Kapur Kachri, Organic Brahmi Powder, Organic Tulsi powder, Organic Neem leaves powder, Organic Shikakai powder, Orange peel powder