Bamboo Facial Rounds


Reusable make up remover, it can be used to apply lotion on the face too

Benefits of choosing bamboo: 
-Bamboo is hypo-allergenic and SUPER soft, which is great for sensitive skin.
-Bamboo is naturally antimicrobial.
-Bamboo requires less energy, water and space to grow than cotton.

Each pad is approximately 3″/ 7.6cm diameter
Edges are serged for durability and to prevent fraying.

Select the quantity of 1, 5 or 10 in a set.

Handmade in USA



The bamboo facial rounds are a great way to eliminating disposable cotton balls and facial rounds from your home!

They are made of 2 layers 100% bamboo flannel in solid white.

They can be used to apply a lotion on the face too.

Ditch disposable cotton pads by using these soft and reusable bamboo rounds and save money!

Handmade by Marley’s Monsters

100% Bamboo fabric


Additional information


1, 5, 10

Washing machine option :

Machine wash warm with like colors (they can be put in our organic bag), dry in dryer.

Handwash option:

Handwash with soap and hang it to dry.