Recharge dental Silk Floss


Dental silk floss recharge to refill your dental silk floss bottle

100% Biodegradable.

Free from preservatives, bleach, fluorescent agents and artificial flavors.

Dental silk floss Length: 30m (around 3months usage)

Product and packaging are 100% plastic-free

Made in Taiwan

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This all natural dental floss is a must-have for your eco-friendly oral hygiene routine.

Agooday dental floss is made from 100% pure raw silk, which is a durable and natural long fiber. It’s coated in natural beeswax to add smoothness to the floss.

This product is a better alternative to plastic floss and would greatly compliment any one of our natural toothbrushes.

Artificial dental floss is made with nylon Teflon that is non-biodegradable and very controversy. It will last thousands of years after used everyday…To have the smoothness, artificial-made paraffin wax is added in the dental floss, which we put in our mouth with possibilities to swallow the chemicals.

Make the switch!

The Silk Floss is 100% biodegradable, after use place it in compost.

The recharge silk floss comes in a biodegradable kraft paper.

Once received, place the paper in compost or recycle it.


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Weight 5.0 g