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Welcome to Frangipani

Frangipani Shop aims to provide you with the best Zero Waste Solutions for your personal care routine.

We hope you will enjoy our products.

Happy Zero Waste Shopping  😉

About Us

The idea with Frangipani was born a few months after arriving at Kuala lumpur in Malaysia.

Starting the Zero Waste since 2015, we couldn’t find some basic products to simplify our personal care routine and answering our way of life: plastic-free, palm-oil free, natural and organic.

I start first by adapting products I used to do in France with Malaysia weather (hot and humid). Soap, shampoo bar, toothpaste and deodorant are the first products I’ve adjusted.

I also see a real need in sustainable products quite difficult to find here: safety razors in stainless steel, organic menstrual pads etc.

I’ve started Frangipani to make it easier for people to begin their journey towards zero waste. I do this by providing high quality products made to last and shipping them with sustainable packaging materials.

Selling products online gives the opportunity to everyone to get access to this zero waste experience whatever the location.

I really hope you will appreciate shopping with us, please do let me any suggestion, remark or request by contacting me here.


Malika, a passionate French-Morroccan